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Global Trends in Financial Regulation – The CFA Institute’s Role in the Global Agenda

The focus on financial stability above all else may be leading governments and regulators to lose sight of what regulation should really be about, namely protecting investors and consumers, according to a leading global investment expert.

Speaking yesterday at a breakfast organised by the CFA Institute as part of its ‘ Putting Investors First ‘ (PIF) month, Mr Anthony Neoh QC, SC , who is on the international advisory committee of the China Securities spoke about global trends in financial regulation, outlining a number of successful global initiatives, but also highlighting oversights by regulators that have become apparent since the global financial crisis (GFC).

According to Mr Neoh, regulators in Australia, the United States and the United Kingdom may have different rules, but ultimately they are all working to the same template and agenda, that of the stability of the financial system. Click here for the full media release.

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A synopsis of the talk is provided in the link below:
Global Trends in Financial Regulation – Synopsis of speech by Tony Neoh – Melbourne 20 May

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